Marriage & Engaged Encounter Testimonials

me testimonial 3See what other couples have said about their Marriage Encounter experience:

  • “This likely saved our marriage!  It definitely forced us to address the issues that were tearing our marriage apart.  It provides a safe, faith-based environment to talk about difficult issues all couples face: Children, Family, Work, Finances, Trust and Intimacy.  I highly encourage couples to face their particular challenges and experience a Marriage Encounter!”
  • I always thought we had a good marriage. After our Marriage Encounter, I’m looking forward to how much better
    it’s going to be!”
  • This weekend was the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever dreamed of.
  • I heard it was a wonderful and amazing experience. It was. It exceeded our expectations!
  • Thank you so much for saving our marriage and bringing my husband and I closer.

Comments to the question: What did you achieve on this weekend?

  • “We have broken down some walls that were built up between each other and God and we have made a lifetime commitment to marriage. Your testimonies of not only survival but marriages of abundance were an encouragement and a blessing. This weekend has helped save our marriage and recommitted us to each other. It is a testimony that pain also brings unity in our marriage.”
  • “My wife feels safe enough to be vulnerable with me again. We have learned each others heart & renewed our commitment.”
  • “The desire to save my marriage this was it. The increased desire to work in our marriage and a lot of knowledge on how to do it. We had and have love, but now we are so much richer. Thank you all so very much.”


  • “I wanted to “save” our marriage.”
  • “A deeper understanding of myself and how I am viewed by my wife.”
  • “We have never been to anything like this before, and it exceeded my expectations. Saturday night was great, the team couples were really honest & open about their marriages and my husband and I learned a lot about each other. We feel much stronger as a couple. I feel like we have a role model for the next 30 years in Len and Betty.”
  • “Most of all I got some worry off my mind and gained a renewed love for my man!”
  • “I love my wife now more than I ever dreamed possible!”
  • “After 14 ½ years of marriage we are at a crossroads & a last ditch effort to have any hope to continue. We had dialogue with out hurting each other and we’ve found we do still love each other. We found we still want to continue on.”
  • “I feel I achieved a closeness and a renewed commitment to our marriage.”
  • “Hopefully saved our marriage.”
  • “A new & improved relationship with my spouse, things are turning around, the snuggling is back!!!”
  • “A new bond and spark in our marriage and a new way to communicate with each other, as well as a new understanding of her needs and feelings.”
  • “Rediscovered my husband & my love for him. Recommitted ourselves to growing both as a couple and as individuals supported by each other.”
  • “A sense of “trying” to make our marriage better.”
  • “Renewed commitment – eased hurt feelings. The team couples were GREAT. Different perspectives but complimented each other well. Great enthusiasm. Thanks for helping save my marriage.”
  • “The format was perfect – reading testimonies instead of rambling, no pressure on participants, emotions were allowed, but not let to go wild. Team was professional & fun, transparent & “real” in every way!”