What Happens at a Marriage Encounter Weekend?

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What Happens at a Marriage Encounter Weekend?

A Marriage Encounter consists of a series of presentations given by two facilitator couples.  The twelve talks center on various aspects of your marriage relationship. You will listen to presentations along with the other attending couples. After each talk you will be given questions pertaining to the presentation.  You will then begin your Personal Reflection (PR) time by separating and writing on the questions given relating to the topic.  After your PR time you will be reunited with your spouse, in the privacy of your room, to begin your Couple Dialogue (CD).  You will exchange notebooks, read what the other has written and discuss your responses.  Please keep in mind there is no group sharing on a Marriage Encounter, only between the two of you in the privacy of your own room.

The program follows a format that enables you, as a couple, to focus solely on your own relationship. The program progresses from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, so it’s important to attend the entire weekend to receive its full benefit – and to maximize precious time alone together!


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  1. Kimberly Sletta

    If the conference is held at a church,what “room” are we sent to in order to discuss our answers? What hotel would we be at or do we have to reserve our own room? Kimberly

  2. lovemore mpofu

    I have attended this weekend marriage encounter I really benefited , its so good .

  3. Struggling couple

    My husband and I would love to go to the marriage encounter but there is no way that we can afford it. Out marriage isn’t good at all and I feel we would benefit from it. Is there a scholarship program that can help with the cost? Please let me know.

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