Join Tom B in Celebrating Marriages

An Opportunity to Enrich your Marriage

Hello, I am Tom Billigmeier and am on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Marriage/Engaged Encounter.  We are announcing that Minnesota Marriage/Engaged Encounter (ME/EE) has launched a Meetup group called “Celebrating Marriage.”  We have found that one of the keys to ongoing success in maintaining and building on the benefits to your relationship through your attendance at a ME or EE program, is continuing opportunities to practice the tools and skills learned through those programs.

I have a few questions for you:

  • How long ago did you complete a ME weekend?
  • If you attended a day-long EE  program, have you also followed up with a ME weekend after your marriage?
  • After completing a ME or EE, how well have you been able to continue using some form of the tools of Personal Reflection (PR) and Couple Dialogue (CD) to maintain and continue to grow even closer in your relationship?

By creating and managing the Meetup group, “Celebrating Marriages,” MN Marriage/Engaged Encounter is capitalizing on a very successful resource for bringing people together for mutually enjoyable and productive times together.  We hope you will find these times as effective, supportive and enjoyable opportunities to further solidify and enrich your day to day relationship. Enhancing the skills and tools that brought you closer during your ME/EE experience.

We realize there are several groups on the Meetup site dedicated to providing social and growth opportunities for couples, but we want to provide a specialty group that will give couples additional, brief, “refresher” opportunities to help further embed the use of PR and CD with each other into a more natural practice within their relationship.  We plan to structure these times with half the time dedicated to the PR/CD exercises and the remainder or the time for socializing and getting to know other couples who hold their marriage as a priority!  Events will probably last 2 – 3 hours and vary with days and times offered.

You can access the group by installing the Meetup app on your cell phone or tablet.  This is a closed group, meaning it is not open for any and all people looking to join another Meetup group, but membership will be limited to only those who are invited to join, or make a request and are accepted by the group organizers.  Ideal candidates for membership are those who are alumni of a ME/EE program as well as couples wanting a more close and intimate relationship with their spouse.

Once you have the Meetup app installed, you can search for our group, simply search under “marriage,” “marriage support,” “successful Relationships, “etc.  Or, if using a laptop/PC, simply click on the following link http://meetu.ps/c/4kdN5/yzV0R/d

Hope to see you on Meetup/Celebrating Marriages, and at a planned event, soon!

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