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We attended a Marriage Encounter, now what?

For those of you who have attended a Marriage Encounter, whether it was this past year or 20+ years ago, there is a need for you to do something. That something is promoting the program by telling family, friends, and co-workers what a positive enriching experience it was for you, thereby, encouraging them to attend.

There are couples who attend the weekend to just get away for a few days, there are couples who celebrate an already healthy marriage and there are couples who find a new beginning for a marriage they thought was dead. Basically, all couples need to take time to experience a time “just for them”.  Marriage Encounter has always believed that the transformation of society begins at the heart of the family ~ the couple.

Over 24,000 couples have benefited from attending and the evaluations at the end of a weekend tell their stories.

Following are some answers to the question: What did you achieve on this weekend?

“More than I can explain here. Thank You!”
“We realized how much we love each other and that there is work to be done to stay in a happy marriage. It’s not always easy & you need to put in some effort to get the most out of a marriage to benefit your faith.”
“Stronger understanding of intimacy and hopes to pray together.”
“Opened up about difficult topics and learned how careful open/honest communication could be achieved through written question/response format along with the dialogue.”
 “Confirmation we agree on strengths & weaknesses. Passion to grow together and improve on areas & weaknesses. Desire to be together & commitment to do the work – together.”
“I felt our marriage was “fine” or “good” but this made me realize there are many ways to make it incredible, more intimate and more hopeful. We have been incredibly blessed by this weekend & appreciate your leadership.”
 “We came to a new level of understanding on a topic that’s been very important to me. We’ve also set some concrete measurable goals for ourselves to work on improving our relationship.”
 “We’ve been to this before and found it helpful, so we wanted to come back to re-connect and refresh everything.”
 “I got to see my wife’s perspective on multiple critical areas of our life. I got a fresh reminder of what love is and how she feels love the most.”
“We were given some tools to help us in married life. We were able to communicate again after much of our dialog had broken down. Thank You!” “Communication breakthrough and an action plan.”

Please send family, friends or co-workers to www.marriages.org. Thank you ahead of time for promoting Marriage Encounter!

Keep the flame alive with Meetup!

Download the app and go to Celebrating Marriages. We are hoping to create monthly events for couples who have attended a Marriage Encounter and couples interested in enriching their marriages. The venues will be different each month, please keep checking the Meetup app.

Give to the Max Day will be back on Thursday, November 14, 2019!

Please mark your calendars to remind you of our one and only fundraiser for MN Marriage Encounter. In the last six 102 couples attended one of our Marriage Encounter weekends. Of those 102 couples, 42 of them were blessed to be able to enrich their marriages because of our Scholarship Fund. We need YOU to continue to give the gift of a Marriage Encounter to these financially needy couples! Please give what you can when November 14th comes around.

Back to school season is here and many of you may already be shopping for supplies and gear. It’s a great time to remind them to shop at smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate to Marriage Encounter Inc.

Use the copy and banners below in email, social media, and on your website to spread the word to your donors, staff, and volunteers. There are five banner sizes, optimized per channel. Simply follow the links, right-click on the images, and save them to your computer.

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