An Update on Give to the Max Day 2019

Donations from our main fundraiser of the year were down by over $6,000 from last year to this year. It affects our bottom line to not have those resources.

If you benefited from your Marriage Encounter weekend and have not given ever or in some time, please prayerfully consider giving a love gift in February.

Any gift will help financially needy couples enrich their marriages and give them hope for a life-time marriage!


Click to give here.

Please help promote a program that gives hope to a life-time commitment to marriages.

Minnesota Marriage and Engaged Encounter had 78 couples enrich their marriages in 2019.

Some of the comments at the end of the weekend from couples attending the December 2019 weekend:

“We called it a “marriage review” or check-in. Marriage Encounter has been an incredible blessing in our family and we recommend it to many people!”

 “My wife and I were able to set past hurts aside and develop a foundation to rebuild our relationship & renew our love for each other.”

“I achieved hopefulness & excitement that we will work together to challenge the status quo. I want our marriage to be a good & positive role model of marriage to our kids & grandkids.” “Self-evaluation of my role in our marriage.”

“Tools and examples of Godly “work in progress” people who desire Godly led marriages.”

“My eyes were opened up to some things I didn’t know were bothering me as I went through some of the questions. I hold a lot of resentment towards my husband for his lack of communication over the years. I’m so glad he heard it from someone else that communication is so important. Thank you so much for being so open with your marriages. It made it very easy to relate. We will go forward with a renewed sense of self, making our marriage stronger and deeper than ever before!! Because who knew forever was going to be this long!”

“It opened up a channel of communication that we didn’t have before and gave me some tools that will help in moving forward in our relationship. I would like to say Thank You.”

“Deeper reconciliation ~ Renewed Hope of improvement”

“I learned how to listen & be silent and hear what my wife needed. Thank you for what you do.”

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ~ well you can teach an old married couple of 44 years new techniques for nurturing their marriage. Kudos to the entire team. Thank you so very much.”

Looking for something fun to do with your life partner? Attend: Til Death

Bucket Brigade is a professional theater company created by husband and wife duo Jeremiah & Vanessa Gamble. They tell imaginative, redemptive stories that remind us that despite all the bad stuff in the world, good is always breaking through!

Learn more about them, here.


The musical comedy that’s become a Twin Cities Valentine’s tradition returns for a 6th season at Art House North!

January 31st-February 22nd
Fridays & Saturdays, 7:30pm

Click for Tickets: $20-$27  ($3 off for students, seniors 65+, $5 off for groups of 10+, $7 off for groups of 20+)

OPENING WEEKEND DISCOUNT! Only $20! It’s the best price AND the best time to see the show!


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