What other couples have said about their Marriage Encounter experience …

“We have broken down some walls that were built up between each other and God and we have made a lifetime commitment to marriage. Your testimonies of not only survival but marriages of abundance were an encouragement and a blessing. This weekend has helped save our marriage and recommitted us to each other. It is a testimony that pain also brings unity in our marriage.”

“My wife feels safe enough to be vulnerable with me again. We have learned each other’s heart & renewed our commitment.”

“The desire to save my marriage this was it. The increased desire to work in our marriage and a lot of knowledge on how to do it. We had and have love, but now we are so much richer. Thank you all so very much.”

“I love my wife now more than I ever dreamed possible!”

What did you achieve this weekend?

I always thought we had a good marriage. After our Marriage Encounter, I’m looking forward to how much better it’s going to be!”

“This likely saved our marriage!  It definitely forced us to address the issues that were tearing our marriage apart.  It provides a safe, faith-based environment to talk about difficult issues all couples face: Children, Family, Work, Finances, Trust and Intimacy.  I highly encourage couples to face their particular challenges and experience a Marriage Encounter!”

Thank you so much for saving our marriage and bringing my husband and me closer.”

This weekend was the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever dreamed of.

“Heard about it through a Christian friend who went through the program and thoroughly enjoyed it. A lot!! It was a safe place to express our feelings and hear each other out. I really think this is a new beginning for us a new door that has opened up.”

I heard it was a wonderful and amazing experience. It was. It exceeded our expectations!

“It was so nice getting to know all of you. Letting us in on your personal life helped so much with your stories & experiences. I know we will be better people because of you. Thank you!!”

A ”perfect marriage” is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.

A ”perfect marriage” is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.

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